Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Frozen Dough = Happy Dance

Frozen cookie dough is a grand thing. Let me specify homemade. That chemical laden library paste that is sold in tubs for fundraisers is a disgrace to the name of cookie dough everywhere. You ever taste that stuff? Eat enough of that and you won't need to be embalmed when the time comes. Sorry. I'm supposed to be talking about my gallon-size ziploc full of glorious frozen cookie potential. What I do is make a double batch of Buckaroons (macaroons for buckaroos), bake two or three sheets of cookies right away, and then use my handy cookie scoop (thank you, Suzanne!) for making balls of dough to flash-freeze on a baking sheet and then put in a ziploc for future baking happiness. This is good for several reasons, not the least of which is that freshly-baked taste without the freshly-concocted mess in the kitchen. Maybe it is a bit wasteful to heat the oven for each batch, but cookies taste better fresh from the oven, not fresh from the freezer. And if you're making a hot-dish or something like it anyway... well, there ya go. Oven heating efficiency and dessert in one.

On another note, I am not the only person out there that remembers Bullwinkle reciting the poem "See a pin, pick it up...." He then proceeds to drop it and tries to vacuum it up and gets himself electrocuted. I thought of that Monday when I sucked up an errant staple while cleaning the stairs. I used to believe that it was dangerous to vacuum pins when I was a kid - as though Bullwinkle was some kind of authority on the subject. My mind hangs on to the oddest tidbits...

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