Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh, Photos...where are you?

I am finding it difficult to choose photos to post with my ramblings. Maybe I am paranoid, but if this is going to be a public blog (albeit one that nobody else reads), I don't think I want to post pictures of my kids. Part of me wants to because I'd like the whole world to see my gorgeous children, but then again - if the images are out there I will have virtually no control over how they are used, nevermind what copyright law says. Words are one thing, but somehow I am not convinced I can trust my children to the honesty of all strangers. I do believe most people are trustworthy, but not all. And to tell the truth, what would be my motivation for showing off my kids? Therein lies the answer: showing off. Not something I was often encouraged to do ... like a character from Lake Woebegone. Ah, but why then do I have a blog?

So I will do what most of the bloggers I read and admire do: I will post pictures without people in them. I will share my house and yard and crafts with you, but probably not my children, husband, or other family. And someday maybe I will get someone to read my blog anyway.

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