Friday, April 21, 2006

We couldn't stay inside

Oh, it was a grand day outside today. When a friend called for a picnic in the park, how could I say no? I packed up turkey sandwiches and drinks, and she packed pbjs and snacks, and we spread out our plastic tablecloth on the grass by the playground and we all sat around and ate and played and got some sun. She has two preschoolers and my boys have fun with them. Her eldest is the same age as my Son#3. (Aside: I have to figure out blog names for my kids...)
The boys didn't want to come in when we got home, so they stayed in the yard most of the afternoon. They spent some time setting up birdfeeders and the birdbath, and blowing bubbles, and playing what they call "Nintendoland" which is an imaginary game of lasers and sword fights and teleporting and all that. Very active, that game. We have the perfect yard for it - rocks and trees and plenty of grass.

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