Sunday, May 21, 2006

Baby Robins

Well, today was a day! Just because I ended it by eating ice cream after watching Ella Enchanted on Starz doesn't mean I sat around all day like a lump. Actually, Sundays are some of my most productive days. I'm sure it has something to do with Mr. Malaprop's being home all day. Though today he was not here because he's back in ND for an uncle's funeral.

We got up this morning not knowing if we were going to church. I wasn't sure how it would be if I had to take care of all four kids during mass. But I got the elder two to promise their best behavior (they followed through) and the youngest son went to the nursery (which he will soon be too old for) and I was able to concentrate on Flowergirl. Good thing, because she's discovered yelling. Loud yelling. During the consecration, the homily, and any other solemn or quiet moment. Not during the loud folksy seventies groovy songs, no not then. So she and I went to mass mostly from the hallway. Too bad because I missed big bits of the sermon and I think it was one I needed. Father was trying to explain why he doesn't preach fire and brimstone. Ever, I gather. At least, I've never heard it from him. Love was the word of the day. Oh, and blood. As in, give us yours at the blood drive. With some "fellow Christian" giving us a little pep talk about it at the end of the "meeting". After mass the Peru group was selling Stella's cinnamon rolls, so I bought a dozen and that was our lunch. What a mom I am. When Mr. Malaprop is home we usually get Papa Murphy's Pizza.

So, we ate frosted rolls and listened to Castaways of The Flying Dutchman on tape, and I noticed something was smelly in the kitchen, and I don't mean in a good way. I think it was a washcloth and the disposal that were the offenders, but I know doing the dishes and taking out the trash was a help. Anyway, the sink has a big window above it, and it looks out over the front yard. So I'm washing away, trying to get my new fancy dish drainer (Brand new, but at a yard sale for $3. HOLEE cow. I just looked this up to link it and the new price is $70!!! Score.) to hold the dishes the way it's supposed to, and I hear a cacophany of bird chirps. I swear I could tell they were saying, "Hey! Hey! No, really, HEY! Quit it!" So I looked out and there were robins all over in the trees and shrubs. And I remembered about the robins' nest in the tree just there by the street, and I thought, "Uh-oh, baby robin trouble." And it turns out I was right, but what I couldn't see until I went outside was the crow that was pecking on the baby robin in the grass. So I shouted at it and waved my arms and the crow flew away. I was worried I was too late, but the baby robin seems to have recovered. I did use my FlyLady feather duster and a garden-gloved hand to sort-of fold his little splayed wings back in and move him into the flower bed instead of leaving him in the open lawn. Then the eldest and I kept a lookout for crows for much of the afternoon. A crow only tried to come back once, but after I shooed it it was chased by the big robins and it stayed away, at least as far as across the street. More about the adventures of baby robin and his brother tomorrow and hopefully I'll be able to get the camera and computer to cooperate and post a pic of Fluffhead, as I call him. And an update on how they fared the night... if they survive. Yikes!

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