Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cold Rainy Day

A cold rainy day here was just the ticket. We made brownies - YUM. Mr. M went to the grocery with the youngest son. I spent some time on a x-stitch for my mom. It is DeGrazia's Flower Boy. I have the pattern for the girl, too, but she is more complicated so I opted to do the boy first. He has this huge yellow hat. I will take a picture of my progress if there's enough light tomorrow. I also finished a little jacket for Flowergirl. It is a size 12m and she's almost 14m so it doesn't fit her very well. It is a very cute jacket, though. I'll take a pic of that, too. Guess I'll have to make another and find a different little girl to give this one to. She'll wear it once or twice, but it is too short I think. It hits her above the waist like a bolero or something, and not the right cut to be a shrug. Besides, small girls are too innocent to wear an item of clothing like a shrug that is designed to emphasize the bust. And on a toddler, the space between shoulders and waist is so short there's nothing left of the fabric if you make it hit above the waistline.

Every Saturday night I watch "my show". (I don't have any other regular show that I watch except I like to catch Carol Duvall , sometimes before I even get out of bed.) So my show is called As Time Goes By and it is one of the Britcoms on PBS. I have no idea why I like it so much. I guess I just have a thing for Dame Judi Dench. What the...??? Anyway, every Saturday night I just have to announce "My show is on!" and disappear to where there is an unused tv and relative quiet and I am left alone for 30 minutes. It makes me happy.

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