Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Crazy Mountains

Here's the view on the way home from Fairmont Hot Springs. My DH calls them the Crazy Woman Mountains, but the sign just says Crazy Mountains. He's being funny because there is a stream in WY called Crazy Woman Creek where we went camping once, and I am his Crazy Woman. Or maybe he just is being his usual self - Mr. Malaprop, I call him. Next time he makes one of his malaprops, I might blog it. Son#3 does it too, but he has an excuse since he's only three years old and still learning the language. DH has no excuses except perhaps the fact that he was taught by nuns in ND which he says was like "Siberia for nuns" where they must've sent all the bad eggs. I don't know about that; those poor nuns must've had their hands full with the 13 kids in DH's family. "Here comes another one!" That's what they said of my family, too. I'm the youngest of 12. But his family is full of medical professionals and engineers, etc. as is mine. My Catholic education was quite good (for the '70s) as far as I can tell. Not that I learned my religion exceptionally well, but my ACT score was high so something took hold I guess. And honey, if you're reading this - you know I think you are a genius and also a saint for putting up with me and my domestic adventures. And I LOVE your malaprops - they always give me a smile and they make you that much more unique. xx

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