Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ok, why didn't someone tell me that this blogging thing wouldn't be as easy as it looks? Not that it looks so easy, but it's easy to read other peoples' blogs for hours. Only lately I haven't had minutes, much less hours for surfing. For me it is a catch 22, really. I want to write, but my computer connection is soooooo sloooow. And what is a blog without pictures? But again -the slow connection and the slow computer. And there is the whole reader/comment thing. Sure I'm writing mostly for myself, but naturally it would be nice to hear a voice in the wilderness as it were. Then again, I haven't been promoting my blog to speak of, because I know it isn't good enough yet to be of much interest to anyone. And it doesn't have a real focus. And I haven't had time to post for many days. I have so many ideas, but often I lose them before I get them down. Take for instance my latest thrifting finds. Some great treasures: embroidery, aprons, patterns, sewing trims, box of buttons, books, etc. No time to write about them or take the pictures or wait an hour for my photos to load. Whah! But I have been given hope. This uplifting post from Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy was just the inspiration I needed. So Alicia, even though you've never heard of me, I thank you.

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