Monday, May 22, 2006

Quick morning update: I awoke to the sound of cawing. "Oh, no!" I thought and I tumbled out of bed. I found my crocs and headed out the door. The sprinklers were on in one of the front zones, but the noise was coming from the back. So I headed around the deck to spy things out - oh. Now the noise was in the front. Around the other side I went, finally figuring out that there was a robin on the east side of the roof ridge, one on the west side, and a crow somewhere between them. No wonder he'd woken me, cawing right above my bedroom. Probably trying to look in at me through the nearby skylight. Then the crow took flight and the robins followed, pestering. I took the opportunity to make a cursory inspection of the yard for baby birds. Didn't see any so I came in for a sweater and to visit Mrs. Murphy, and went back out for a walkabout. Dodging spinklers going on and off, I found Fluffhead in the front yard, but did not find the adventurous brother in the backyard. Will look again when the watering stops, but now the baby and my second son are up. And I'm hungry myself - mamma robin didn't bring me any worms. Guess I'll have oatmeal.

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