Monday, May 22, 2006

RIP Fluffhead

Well, call us unthoughtful. Believe me, we feel terrible. We went to the library and the thrift store, and when we got back all that was left of Fluffhead was a wing. The boys took it well, but I feel awful. Little PeepPeep in the back yard is still alive and being fed, and there is at least one more baby in the nest, so there is still hope for this generation, but I feel I should've tried to put him back in the nest or something. Whah! Goodbye, Fluffhead. You were our first encounter with a baby robin.

On a happier note, Mr. Malaprop is home safe and sound. While giving me the news of ND, he also gave me another malaprop. He was telling me about someone's new deck they built and how it was made of the same material as our front deck. "You know, that compost stuff." "Uh, you mean composit?" I laughed. I think I figured it out with him. Most people hmm and haw when they can't find the right word. I do it all the time, or I substitute an intellegent word like "do-hickey" or "thingamabob" or "you know - THAT". Well, my Mr. M just says the closest sounding word that comes to mind and relies on the listener to do the substituting. Actually, it's rather clever. Everyone seems to know what he means, and he doesn't have to waste time about it.

Today is my birthday. I have turned 29 several times and the kids are suspicious. Because Mr. M was away most of the day and is now wiped out on the couch, we will celebrate more tomorrow. That is fine with me. Now I should hang up the computer so I can take all those birthday calls I'll be getting tonight. Ha!

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rennabay said...

Hey there,
I didn't know you had a blog until today, but I will be checking yours periodically also... I like these top few and I'll scroll back and read the past so I'll be up to date. You know how it goes. ;)

Thanks for reading mine still, and for the nice comment... I sort of forget about the blog most of the time, but it's a good outlet. And useful for learning more about web coding, which is rad.

Love you mucho. See you in July.

ps. my verification word is "moxhrcde," which we all know is Swedish for "seventeen."