Sunday, May 28, 2006

Vintage Patterns and Lemon Bars

What is up with the font sizes on my blog? I always choose "small" but sometimes it just gives me "normal" anyway, even when I go back and try to edit it. So now I am choosing "tiny" and we'll see if it's readable. (If you are reading this with IE, you can always go to View and change your text size.)

Yes, I am posting AGAIN today. That is what happens on holiday weekends, especially rainy ones. Tomorrow we are going geocaching, so I won't be able to sit at the keyboard as much.

I am letting my latest and greatest discovery out of the bag. Drum roll, please. I have found a FREE source of vintage sewing patterns!!! Yes, it is incredible but true. Here is the dirt (so if you know where I live you can come to my town and scam all the good patterns before I get there - but I'll take that chance). The patterns are part of a pattern exchange in a corner on the second floor of my local library. Woo Hoo! I came across the display rack almost by accident. It was stuffed with sewing patterns, obviously not new. I hurried to the librarian's desk (second floor is the reference desk) and waited while some person on the telephone asked the librarian about several books. Finally she hung up and it was my turn, "Can you tell me what all those sewing patterns are in the corner?" "Pattern exchange. Go ahead and take some. Take an armload." "Thanks! I just might!" And I did. Of course, since it is an exchange I should leave some if I take some. And I will do that if I have any I don't want, but it was obvious to me that the over-flowing rack was in no need of my contributions. There were actually two bags and two small boxes of overflow on the floor next to the rack. The librarian wanted them gone and I was happy to help. Yay! I found a few I am going to try ASAP. One is the adult version of a little girls' dress I had when I was little. Not sure if I'll make it a mother/daughter thing with Flowergirl, but I do think I'll sew it up from something in my stash and see how it looks. It is a one-piece that crosses across the back and buttons on the shoulders. I also got lucky with a few cute patterns for .25 and .50 at the St. Vincent dePaul.

On another note, I have not been on the computer absolutely all day. We did go to mass, and I put a Coca-cola pot roast in the oven for supper. And I made lemon bars for dessert. I've been on the computer only a little longer than Mr. Malaprop has been on the couch watching sports and the Indy 500. He did unclog a drain, go to the hardware store, and put in a new doorknob, so he's got more to actually show for his day than I do... but look at all these posts! LOL

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