Thursday, June 01, 2006

Boo, blogs!

What goes with Yay, crochet? Boo, blogs. I hate my blog. Sorta. Actually, I think what I am suffering from could be called Blog Envy. There are so many cool and beautiful blogs out there and mine is not one of them. Check out my links on the side and also Hello! My Name is Heather. Compared to most of the blogs I read, my photos stink, my dialogue is dry, and frankly I don't seem to have much worthwhile to say. Oh, to be a beautiful blog. Perhaps that is what I get for having Boogers in my title. Today I feel like my blog is a booger - crusty and uncomfortable and unwanted. Today it should be wrapped in a facial tissue and placed in a waste receptacle. Today it is un-noteworthy. Thanks for playing, try again TOMORROW.

I googled "I hate my blog" and I agree with what this guy had to say. Especially the like and not alike part. I'm glad I'm not alone. Thank you Google and Internet Rockstar.

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