Monday, June 26, 2006

Crimes against humidity

I was watching Fox News tonight while trying to get Flowergirl to sleep. The channel kept cutting in and out and spitting static noise at me, so I put it on mute. On the tiny tv in our bedroom when you use mute the closed captioning automatically comes on. So I'm glancing at it now and then and I think it was Brit Hume talking about something depressing in Iraq when the captions come up and say "It was considered a crime against humididdty" or some such. Now, my typing is less than stellar, and believe me I think CC is a great thing, and I know that many of the typists are probably volunteers, but could someone please explain to me what a crime against humidity is? I suppose those kinds of crimes happen all the time in the desert. Or in CC spelling: "the dessert".

As long as I'm getting picky here, if you are reading this I feel like you must be told that my two biggest writing peeves are seeing people use it's when they mean its, and using an 's to make things plural. Apostrophe s means possesive, not plural, except for in it's/its. It drives me crazy and it's everywhere. I probably do it myself. Maybe the rules are changing as I type... Nooooo!

I can't find the websites that I am looking for. There is one that has pictures of the misuse of the 's on public signs. Another site is a great resource for all sorts of common grammar and spelling mistakes.

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