Tuesday, June 27, 2006

GK Chesterton

I haven't written much about GK Chesterton, and as he is a favorite of mine I think I ought to give him some print. I consider myself a Chesterton novice since I've only known about him for a few years. My introduction to Chesterton was watching The Apostle of Common Sense tv show on EWTN. I totally fell for Dale Ahlquist's promotion of this author. What a great tv presence Dale has; I enjoy watching and listening to him immensely. I'll bet he's even more fun in person.

My first Chesterton read was Gilbert Keith Chesterton by Maisie Ward. Actually, I haven't made it through that book yet - but it happened to be the first book available to me because my mother had it in her possession. I think she said it was given to her by a friend at St. Ben's. Inside the book is written 12-8-43 J.E.M.K. I suppose my mom knows the name. There are also 10 typewritten pages - a book review. I believe it was read as a speech of sorts because the last page has a handwritten note in fountain pen that says, "Given March 27, 1944 Minneapolis Catholic Youth Center Book Club".

The next Chesterton I read was some of the Father Brown stories available at the public library. Then I purchased and read Ahlquist's Apostle of Common Sense book, a subscription to Gilbert! magazine, a bumper sticker, a poster, and five signature cards with photos. Now I own a few more books, but haven't had time yet to read them all myself - only to promote them and share them with others.

Chesterton is available widely on the web - some of his books and essays in their entirety. There are several blogs by people who love GKC; I'll try to add a few to the list at right.

More another day - duty calls.


Sheila said...

"I'll bet he's even more fun in person."

Oh, he is. He definitely is. However, when he talks to you personally, it means the jokes all fall on your head too -- by default.

Candlestring said...

I am the youngest of 12; I have had a lot of things fall on my head - heehee. I just hope his jokes won't go *over* my head!
Now to figure out a way to get on the exclusive pre-ChesterCon-birthday-party-at-Dale's-house invite list. Sounds like I'll have to write a book. Maybe begging will work?

Brad Shorr said...

Hi! It's great to see another Chesterton enthusiast out there! There are so many great GKC books and so little time. "Orthodoxy" and "The Everlasting Man" changed me--clear, honest, and common sense defense of Christianity and a faith-based life. Sounds like I should start reading his fiction, too. BTW, thanks for commenting on my blog.