Thursday, June 01, 2006


So enough already with the whining about my dinosaur computers and my sucky blog. It struck me today how grateful I really am and how I really ought to make that clear. I have been given so many things that are beautiful and heart-filling. A few of which are - A Wonderful Husband: genuinely caring and loving. He always picks up the slack for me when I can't seem to "do it all" myself. He'll do dishes or cook or just play with the baby. In other words, he shows that he loves me and the kids. Lovely Children: (usually) well behaved and polite. We always get compliments on our family after mass and when we go out, even to the grocery store. It matters to these children what Mom and Dad think and want. They're doing a great job with that tough task called growing. A Gorgeous House: still needs help in the decorating department, but what do you expect when we move every two years or so? This house itself is the best we've had yet. I miss our house on the edge of the forest, but this one has such a spectacular yard with dozens of trees and shrubs, a front deck/bridge where we eat outside often, a back deck with an awning, several terraced hillsides with limestone ledges, a sprinkler system, and on the inside, innovative architecture. This is not the kind of house I would have chosen out of a book. I am a Victorian kind of girl. This house is very modern styled with lots of angles, and an open column down the center of the house. It has a skylight. But compared to all the other homes we looked at while house shopping, this one really takes the cake. It is definitely NOT a cookie cutter house. Expect to see pictures of it coming soon to a blog near you. We've lived here 1.5 years. A Wonderful Religion: being Catholic is the best thing that ever happened to me. It is why I have all the other things in my life. My ancestors, my parents, my siblings, my husband and marriage, my children all stem from there. My religion helps to shape my attitude and my outlook. Home Education: there is nothing like it in the world to foster personal growth, and I don't just mean the kids. We are all learning together and the books are only a small part of it.

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Dr. Thursday said...

Excellent... As GKC says, "thanks are the highest form of thought" - and even in the Preface of the Mass the priest says "it is truly right and just... that we always and everywhere give You thanks, almighty and ever-living God..."