Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Home life, good life

I homeschool my kids. My art, my writing, my acting, my music, my ME-ness is mostly on hold. I squeeze things in here and there. I stuff my creativity into my daily life where I can. I'm still simmering along but not on a front burner. I keep reminding myself "to everything there is a season" and the seasons will change sooner than I realize. So I try to just enjoy what I've been given for the now and, God willing, I will have time later for the other things. And I'm HAPPY this way. I see so many women fighting this. They lament the time their kids, their spouse, or their homekeeping takes away from them. Oh, that is so sad. To not appreciate this vocation. They say things like, "I'm losing my SELF" and "I need my ME time." And then they look at me and think I've got it easy, I'm just talented in the domestic arts, or whatever. Hello! I work at this lifestyle like I would at any other career job. I bake bread at home, for Pete's sake. I read cookbooks. I read aloud to my kids. I enjoy taking some ME time too, but I'll likely have plenty more of it in later years. Now is not the season. Sure, I'd like to be on my way to Minnesota for my annual trip, but I agreed to teach VBS so I'm missing out on ChesterCon once again. Do I wish I could go? YES, but right now I am practicing dying to self, and that is how having a family is helping me make my way to heaven. I'll continue wishing I could be there, but I'm not going to mope about it. And that how it is with things every day, both big and little. But I won't go around all the time like the bumper stickers that say "I'd rather be _____ing." Sometimes it is true, but most of the time? Most of the time, I'd better rather be where I am right at that moment, because that is God's plan for me. My plan for me can wait - indefinitely.

Does that make sense? I'd better go to bed.
I had all these ideas but at the moment I'm muddled, rather. Goodnight, Pooh.

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rennabay said...

That makes sense. :)