Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sewing rhubarb

I have been a busy bee lately. First of all, I cleaned and cut some rhubarb the other day and it sat and sat in the fridge. The weather has been so hot I just couldn't bring myself to bake, except for having to make bread one day. Making bread does not leave me with enough ambition to also compile and bake a rhubarb dessert. Today I finally realized it was use it or lose it, so I chopped it up and put it in a pot with some sugar and a little water and just stewed it into sauce. I put some butter in a pan with some oatmeal and brown sugar and fried that and used it to top the sauce (think applesauce, but with rhubarb). It was nearly as good as crisp, and far less calories. Less time consuming than pie. Better yet, I didn't have to heat up the oven, and the kids liked it! Well, the boys - I didn't give any to the baby. And while I'm speaking of rhubarb I just have to say Mama's little baby loves rhubarb, rhubarb, Bebopareebop Rhubarb Pie! and It was a Hot Commodity (thanks to Garrison Keillor and Laurie Berkner).

Last week I sewed a skirt. It is just a tube with an elastic waist, but I did line it and it turned out well enough to wear in public. I got the basic instructions from a book I picked up at a thrift store: Vivienne Colle's Make-it-yourself Boutique. To do the lining I looked at a couple of lined skirts I already own. I had to rip out many seams, but I finally got it finished. The lining isn't pretty but since it's on the inside it doesn't matter. It does its job and that is what counts. Yesterday I sewed a little cross-over-back dress for Flowergirl. It is really sweet. I cheated and instead of making buttonholes I just sewed on some loops to go over the buttons. The pattern was for a size four, but I copied it down to 75% and it fits her just right. Next sewing project - the bonnet from mailorder at Angry Chicken's Kingpod.

Today I finished a little crocheted purse. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but I got so excited the other day when I realized this was something I could actually make. The pattern isn't written - I copied a little purse that was given to me as a child. Next I will work on the bonnet that matches. The dearest thing about this set is the little "curls" that dangle. I was impresssed with myself that I figured out how to hook those. It really was easy and I couldn't believe it worked. I lined it with denim that shows through the crochet, and blue gingham for the inner lining. I made it out of an awful white acrylic yarn because a) I was just practicing and didn't think it would really turn out and b) it was the only yarn I had handy and plentiful. Next one will be out of something nicer. Maybe to match that Candytots dress I'm dreaming of.

Still working on the DeGrazia xstitch. Slow going, that.
Still dealing with blog envy.

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