Thursday, June 22, 2006

World Cup Soccer

Well, I am mostly over my vertigo. I went and aggrivated it a little this morning jumping up and down yelling at the TV. I have surprised myself by turning out to be a soccer fan. Who'd have thought? Johnny come lately. So USA was losing to Ghana 2-1 and there were five minutes added on so it was still possible but they kept missing all their shots. So I was going crazy. They lost anyway, but it was a good game.

Spent some money yesterday. Bought the Chesterton conference CDs. They promise to be as good as they look, but I still wish I could've been there. As Mrs Brown says on her blog, half the fun is the conversations betweentalks/ events, which unfortunately are not on the CDs. Also resubscribed to Gilbert thus renewing my membership in the ACS.

Will be spending more money today. Have to make a dreaded trip to WalMart and various businesses on that end of town. Have been trying to shop elsewhere, but I do want to check out a yarn shop near there and our bank is near there, so today our route is set. But not until the sprinkler guy comes at noon...

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rennabay said...

Hope you had fun on your shopping at the evil Wal-Mart. Necessary evil, I guess.

At work they let the warehouse guys watch the World Cup games, and so whenever Ecuador or Columbia has been playing, everyone in the building knows exactly how the game is going. It's hysterical.

Am stoked to see you and your family in just about a week! A week!