Thursday, July 20, 2006

CaRIBbean or CaribBEan?

Can't believe I forgot to post this, but eldest and I went to Pirates on Sunday, and like most people who've written about it on their blogs, we liked it despite the poor critical reviews. Yes, it was cartoony, yes it was longish, yes it was a bit predictable sometimes, but we went expecting fun and fun it was. I did not like some of the plot twists, and I was disappointed in some of the character development, and I thought what happened in the scene before the ending was a bugger, but overall we had a grand time and enjoyed ourselves immensely. A word to the wise: If it isn't too late, watch as few commercials for this movie, as few trailers, as few "making of" features as you can before seeing the film. I saw a half-hour "the making of" a couple of days before going to the actual show and I think it spoiled some of the best parts. They would've been better had they been fresh.

The particular showing that we wanted tickets for was sold out, so we bought tickets for the next show and went across the parking lot to the mall for an hour. Bought a big strawberry Julius to share, and let son play GameBoy in a video shop while I bought a pink Snoedel to go with the blue one we already have, and some baby shoes from Jack and Lily. What can I say? It was crazy days and the prices were right.

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