Sunday, July 16, 2006

Perfect charity, please.

I hope no one subscribes to my blog through bloglines. I hear tell they send you a new email every time a post is edited. Tonight I am publishing, editing, republishing...
In my post about homophones I ratted out a fellow blogger who just made a common mistake in a post on his blog a few days ago. I have since gone back to edit his name and link out of my post. I was only giving him a hard time, but I got to thinking about it and to what end? I'm not sure he would agree that any press is good press.

I like to tease people, razz them, etc. (Naturally I am much better at dishing it out than I am at taking it.) But mostly it isn't meant as malevolent, though I can get my back up at times. But when that's the case I more often resort to sarcasm than teasing. Biting sarcasm, when I can manage it. Yikes. Couple that with the fact that the written word is more often misunderstood than the spoken word and it doesn't bode well for relations.

Let's all be friends, shall we?

Most High, glorious God,
enlighten the darkness of my heart;
Give me right faith, sure hope, and perfect charity.
Fill me with understanding and knowledge,
that I may fulfill your command.

St. Francis

This was put to music on this album by Donna Cori Gibson, whom I think sounds more like a Catholic Amy Grant than Celine Dion, but that's just me.


Brad Shorr said...

Hi, I use bloglines for blog subscriptions, and receive no emails. When you log in to bloglines, you go to a "my feeds" page which lists all the blogs you subscribe to. When new postings are made (or I guess--?--edited), the blog is highlighted.

Some blogs (like mine) offer an email subscription option, becuase some people don't know about RSS feeds. Happy Sunday!

Candlestring said...

Thank you, Brad. I will check it out.