Sunday, July 09, 2006

Raggedy Phantom Laundry Letters

Remember, you are unique just like everyone else.

Angry Chicken is making Raggedy Ann. I had a Raggedy Ann. I loved it. I still have it. She is raggedy.

The book den reviewed The Phantom Tollbooth on July 5. I have that book. I love it - funny I never associated it with Chesterton. I think the last time I read it was before I became familiar with GK, so that might explain it. I am going to reread it.

Nancy at Flying Stars is singing about laundry again. I have a method to doing mine, and it actually helps me keep it under control. I must admit that going on vacation seriously messes up my method. One of the keys is to not have too many clothes.

Posie Gets Cozy bought a bunch of old letters at an estate sale. Interesting the story they tell. I have a bunch of envelopes from a sale, but they were being sold for the stamps and there is only one letter in the whole box full. Not sure what I'm going to do with them. They're in the attic for now.

Really. Must. Update. Links. I have so many favorites lately...
Check out whip up for starters...

Family reunion was good, once again. Managed this time to not get my feelings hurt too badly at being talked about behind my back, among other things. Don't know why this happens - as if I was interesting enough to even talk about at all. Is it the religion thing? The home school thing? Also managed not to get into any fights, especially with my sisters. Whew. It's always a bit of pins and needles, eggshells, experience to go to a reunion, yet happy. Glad it's over and I can relax. ;) Saw some cousins I've been missing, missed some aunts and uncles who are now too old to travel. Must. Take. Road trip. Why is MN so far from MT? Didn't take enough pictures. Actually, didn't take any to speak of - maybe ten or so. Why? I don't know. Hoping family will share. I guess I took more than ten, but they were bad and I deleted them on the spot. Who wants to remember people looking ugly? Too much flash, wrong angle, mouth open, something in teeth, whatever. I wish others would extend me the same courtesy... delete, people! Trash can is your friend!

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Dr. Thursday said...

That review of the fabulous Phantom Tollbooth was written on one of those web-things which forbid comments, so I must comment here.

Yes, it is truly one of the Great books, and very Chestertonian! Strange to say, I just read it again over the weekend, before I saw your comment here. Yes, like GKC and some few others, it loses NOTHING, but rather GAINS when it is re-read.

The movie is also good, not quite as great as the book (as you may expect) and a bit tediously psychodelic in places, but those are made up for by other great things like the songs!

It probably deserves a much longer commentary, and I shall see what I can do - one of these days, over on my own blogg - though I will here and now reveal something about my work on Subsidiarity: I refer to both the book and the movie in it!