Friday, July 28, 2006

What is it about membership?

This is a copy of my reply to a post on Posie Gets Cozy back in June:

I think part of the strong feelings stem from the fact that people who read blogs like yours are people who like to think of themselves as individuals and special and in a way, indefinable. Part of the reason we create and re-create things is to make our environments personal to us and like NO other. We do not want to be profiled, correctly or incorrectly. Yet we are all drawn to read your blog because we have things in common with you and with each other. We want to belong, but we want to belong in a semi-exclusive way. We like a secret handshake, a clubhouse. But we need to be profiled to an extent, because otherwise we couldn't find things to buy in retail that we like. Our kind of things wouldn't be sold. It is a catch-22. A paradox. Even an oxymoron. It is frustrating.

As my eldest brother likes to remind me, "You are unique, just like everyone else."

I found out I have 4 subscribers from Bloglines. Thanks, you.

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Dr. Thursday said...

Very interesting point!

This gets into what I call "mystical histology" - the sequel, or perhaps graduate-level version of St. Paul's "Analogy of the Body" in 1 Cor 12.

Each of us humans are a kind of "cell" in the Mystical Body, and ust like the cells of a human body, there are LOTS of different kinds. (This is studied in the branch of biology called "histology", and also cellular biology and even in molecular biology... lots of tech stuff here.) But some cells arevery different, individual even, and some are very similar, nearly equivalent...

But all those little human bits are just cells. We humans, however, are made in the image and likeness of God, and so are much more than cells - yet there is some analogy here.

I'd go into this more, but it gets lengthy, and maybe too tech for a comment box. If I have time later today I will write something up for you on my own blogg.

But just to wrap up this short discussion, since I already know from one of your previous comments that you like math, I will give you the corresponding theorem in mathematics... but on my own blogg, to avoid length issues.

Oh, yes - "unique like everybody else", hee hee - my mother had a button with that on it!!!