Thursday, August 31, 2006

I think my clutch is slipping!

My brain seems to be grinding some gears lately.

A) I just realized that I have been unconsciously LYING for several years! I've been routinely telling people that I attended college for 5 years and changed majors three times and got no degree. Well, it is mostly true, but it dawned on me late last evening as I was soothing the baby back to sleep that I only attended college for FOUR years. If I had gone for five years, I would be a civil engineer now. It felt like five years. It was supposed to have been five years. Apparently passing several semesters of Calculus does not qualify me to count time from the fall of 1989 to the spring of 1994.

II) I said my mother's family does not sing. That is not true. Today I was thinking of her siblings and D'OH! again. My Aunt Harriet, one of my mother's sisters, sings beautifully and often solos at church for mass and funerals. She's one of those trilling sopranos. Rather like a bird. As for the rest of my mom's side of the family, I don't know if they can sing or not. My grandparents have been gone many years (I never knew my maternal grandfather), both mom's brothers are gone, and one of her sisters. That only leaves mom and two aunts. I will just have to ask mom - she will tell me. And yes, Aunt Harriet is my aunt's real name, despite everyone seeming to say they have an Aunt Harriet. She married one of my dad's brothers, so her nine kids and my sibs and I (12) are "double cousins". And in my family we say "awnt" not "ant". It's too bad, because Harriet lives on a hill and it could be the "Aunt Hill" like in Eight Cousins.

d) We watched a show about Yellowstone National Park tonight on PBS. I looked at the tv schedule this morning and was sure it was suppposed to be a half-hour program. Turns out, it was an hour and a half. Another instance where Calculus did me no good in the real world. I told the kids it could "count for school" since we will be going back to Yellowstone later this fall and it was good to see what kind of history we could keep our eyes open for. Montana now makes you count school hours instead of days, so anything educational counts as far as I'm concerned. I mean, really - what can you make a homeschool kid do for seven hours a day if you can't count reading and educational tv? They get their regular school subjects done in 3-4 hours most days. I guess I could make them practice standing in line, and ask permission to go to the loo or sharpen a pencil, or have them listen to me lecture about something they already know... I hope to get them working on more projects and experiments this year; those hours should really add up.

4) That's enough. Hope you can laugh at me as I am laughing at myself!

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