Friday, August 18, 2006

Like I needed this...

So now I have to add, in addition to As Time Goes By , Miss Marple, and Monk, another show that sucks my life away by making me watch it. Mystery Woman has Kellie Martin in it. Why do I always feel compelled to watch her? Even though I didn't really follow the other shows she was in in the past, I always stop and watch if I see her face while channel surfing. The Face on the Milk Carton, Christy, ER, and Life Goes On - I haven't lately even come across any of those, which is a good thing I must say. I haven't seen her for what seems like years, but this week Hallmark Channel is running Mystery Woman every night. And they aren't just 30 min shows, they're regular made-for-tv movies (90 min, I think). All I can say is, at least I can fold the laundry while I watch it, which is more than I can do when immersed in a book. And I'm not stuck in front of the tv the whole time since the good ol' commercial breaks are not too frequent, but longer. I took time out to eat two pieces of (homemade) pizza tonight and only missed a few minutes. And the plots are complicated enough to keep you guessing but simple enough that you can miss some and not be totally lost.

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