Monday, August 07, 2006


I found the Ladybugs' Picnic on YouTube today. I'm not sure why, but I get the song in my head every so often and today I finally thought of looking up the words. Lyrics to be found here. Apparently this is the work of Bud Luckey, who happens to be from close to where I live.

I left my library books behind at the campout. I'm know some family member now has them, just haven't found out who yet, and if they will mail them to me. I was reading Mr. Darcy's Daughters, which is not what I expected and not very good, IMHO.

I have no firm plans for school this coming year, yet. I will be teaching preK, second and seventh grades while juggling a toddler. This will be our sixth year of home education. We started off back then using Five in a Row, but now I use a lot of materials from Catholic Heritage Curricula. Can't say enough good about Nancy Nicholson's Little Stories for Little Folks. My middle son went from finishing this simple program to reading Frog and Toad, and on to Beverly Cleary and the Box Car Children. He is seven, but I think I will start my four year old on the flash cards this fall. I hope I can get my act together this year; last year felt like coasting, and this summer has been a true vacation when I meant it to be somewhat of a catch-up time for extracurriculars.

Dr. Thursday has written a lovely little tale over on GKC's Favourite. (Even though he calls me Candleshoe, not Candlestring, that's ok!) The story is scientific, about cells. It reminds me a little bit of Hope for the Flowers.

I am the youngest of 12 children. Just thought I'd share that. My mother turns 80 next week.

A tradition in my family is to have a child's middle name be the name of one of the godparents. Isn't that nice? I'm thinking other people must do this, too, but I've never met anyone. I think it may be a German thing.

I learned a new word the other day: petechiae. Several of these little red freckles clustered can be a sign of bad things, but apparently it is common to have them the way I do, scattered here and there. I'm not sure if that's exactly what I have; I had a doctor tell me once, but I didn't write it down. Something to do with capillaries. Another word I learned just a few years ago is similar but totally unrelated: petrichor.

I watched a show on PBS yesterday called The Grange Fair: An American Tradition. I liked it, but I'm not sure why.

My littlest boy just got a new tricycle. It has a wider wheel base and fat inflated tires more like regular bicycle tires. Less tippy than our old classic model.

I do plan to post some new photos soon. Besides the time it takes to load them, the other problem is that I have to do it on my other computer which is in the basement, three flights of stairs away, whereas this computer I am using right now is upstairs near my bedroom. Naturally that is more convenient for late-night blogging.

I hope you are well, friends. TTFN

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Dr. Thursday said...

Arrgh!. I apologise for botching your name! I have corrected the posting, and made a link, too.

I am glad you liked it... Someday I hope to have more about this topic, though probably not in this literary form.