Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Good Grief!!!

Has it really been a whole week? Where does the time go? I need to start carrying around my little notebook again, so I can write down my blogging ideas. I get brilliant ideas during the day when I'm too busy to sit and type, and then if I ever do have the time - like now- I can't think of a blessed thing to say. I'll bet G.K. never had this problem.

Perhaps I will just take a few sentences to tell bits and pieces of my week:

I baked bread. Which day? I don't remember. I think it was Friday, maybe Thursday. Six loaves - all gone now except for the ends of one loaf. Must bake again tomorrow.

I made cookies. Sugar cookies. The kind where you put the little ball of dough on the sheet and press it down with the bottom of a glass dipped in sugar. Yum. Aunt Harriet's recipe makes a whole ice cream bucket full of crispy goodness. There's one cookie left. One. Want it?

I picked a pail of wild plums. As soon as I round up enough jars and buy lids, I will make plumsauce (like applesauce) or plum butter (like apple butter). Maybe I won't wait for the jars and will just freeze it. I am glad to have this many, but I left them too long for the picking - at least as many or more were on the ground. Truth be told, I forgot they were there. I looked at them a few weeks ago and they were still too green, and then I forgot about them. They're in my yard, for Pete's sake! But still I overlooked them. Thank goodness for my observant eldest son, who brought one in for me to taste. They are very sweet and quite juicy, or I'd make jelly. Jam and jelly are better made with tart plums in my opinion, because of all the sugar. I guess I don't have to feel too badly about it. When I told my husband about them, he said, "We have plum trees?" "Bushes, actually, hon." And he's the one who mows around them!

I started teaching my kids to play the recorder. Hot Cross Buns has been heard around the house for a few days now. I think it's time to move on to Mary Had a Little Lamb. Have decided to go a little Suzuki and not worry so much about reading actual music for now. Play by ear, and eventually we'll match the fingering to the notes.

The second eldest is turning eight on Thursday. Very exciting. Chocolate cake has been requested, and mini golf or something equally as fun. Not quite sure yet what the activity will be, but bought a new Nintendo DS game and some Boxcar Children books, so gifts are coming together.

I kept up with the laundry. Whew. Mostly.

That's enough for now. Maybe one of those riveting post topics will come back to me in my sleep. Stay tuned!

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