Sunday, September 17, 2006

I don't get it*

Sorry for the absence. Life gets in the way, you know?

So I'm watching TV today, and later reading the Sunday paper, and what do I see? Apparently the Pope has seriously ticked off the Muslims. Do they report what his actual speech was? No, they give one small quote and spend the rest of the time/column on what the Muslims are doing to retaliate. I managed to find three words that were actually in quotation marks from the Pope's speech, "evil and inhuman" said to be from a medieval text referring to some of the teaching of Islam's founder. Well, that's not nice to say, is it? So the Pope says it saddens him that the Muslims would take it the wrong way and it's not his personal point of view, and he sincerely regrets giving offense. He explains this twice, that is - two separate occasions.

I am Catholic and I don't even know any practicing Muslims, so let's just get that clear. I'm not going to pretend I know enough about this situation to speak about right and wrong, enough and not enough. Here's just the little that I want to say, and hence the title of this post:

If the statement that Islam is somewhat based on teachings that are "evil and inhuman" is so offensive, I would think that Muslims would want to prove the opposite. I mean, someone says, "You're evil and inhuman" and you don't like it, wouldn't you want to prove "I'm not evil and I'm human" or "I'm good and human/humane"? But what do they do? They go out and bomb five churches in Palestine, and I heard on TV they shot a nun. And this proves the Pope is wrong how? Bombing and killing and threats of terrorism are somehow not "evil and inhuman"? I just don't get it.

*I found this article that quotes more of the speech and explains the whole thing a little better.


Brad Shorr said...

Your points make total sense to any reasonable person. Unfortunately Muslim fanatics aren't reasonable people. They are not interested in dialog or understanding or compromise. They are interested in imposing what they take to be God's will on anyone and everyone. They do not expect God to be rational. It is a scary, scary thing. Read "The Sword and the Prophet" by Trifkovic to get the sobering picture. It's a real eye-opener.

Candlestring said...

Thanks, Brad. Not sure I want my eyes opened to the sobering picture quite yet. I think I'll be an ostrich just a few weeks more...

Here's an article from the Catholic League:

Brad Shorr said...

Thanks Candlestring--good article. Last Friday on EWTN's "The World Over", this was the topic. If you missed it, they rerun it, looks like, this afternoon.