Sunday, September 03, 2006

Who was it?

(I wrote this post earlier, but Blogger seems to have eaten it, so here goes a second try.)

I have my own blog on my Bloglines list, just to see if it's working, you know? And I noticed today that my subscribers number has gone from 5 (which includes me) to 4. Apparently I have been boring or innane or mundane or pedestrian enough lately to lose someone's interest. Hmm. Maybe it's because I had high hopes of being one of those lovely crafty blogs with gorgeous pictures, and I haven't been able to live up to that goal. So now there are only three of you out there, but you know what? It suits me just fine. After all, I'm not in this to gain followers or start a club or anything. And if you are kind enough to read my ramblings, I thank you. But as many bloggers know, if you're in it for the comments - well, let's just say, I hope I know better than that. I have never been a social butterfly kind of girl. Throughout my life I have had my relatives, one or two close friends, a handful of other women from homeschool groups and church groups, and that's about it. And it suits me. It suits my personality, though I'm not saying immense popularity wouldn't be fun in its own way - heehee.

Wee Wonderfuls has 1011 subscribers. 1011! Can you imagine blogging for yourself and 1011 of your closest friends? Posie Gets Cozy has 698 subscribers and no surprise. She writes extremely well, posts beautiful photos every day, and has an interesting personal history. Both of those blogs have owners that design, make and sell things, which helps in the popularity department.

So what's your bent? Are you a social butterfly, or a wallflower like me? Are you a blogging butterfly and a real-life wallflower, or vice-versa? Does it matter to you?


Brad Shorr said...

Happy Labor Day. I just added your blog to my subscriptions. Usually, I just check your blog from my blogroll, but Bloglines does make it easier.

Leah said...

I'm one of your bloglines subscribers, in case you wondered who they are. :-)

Good questions. Personally, I wouldn't mind having more readers, but I guess it doesn't matter much to me much or I'd actually do something about it. Like, update more often, or think more about what other people might want to read and less about what I want to say, and comment on other people's blogs more, and stuff. :)

I suppose I blog for myself, mostly, but having those few faithful readers is definitely what makes it worthwhile.

Socially, I'm happiest with a few close friends. I don't mind being around lots of people, but I don't get any particular joy out of it either. :) I think these preferences carry themselves over into the blogging world as well.

Happy Labor Day!

James said...

Hi! I've been greatly enjoying your blog for the past five minutes or so since I found it on my sister's (see above) links. So it defientely wasn't me to remove you from my bloglines list. If I had a bloglines list, I'd probably add you :)

Anyway, to answer your questions, I'm probably a wallflower both ways, and so far it hasn't bothered me because I never really thought about it before now. If my new-found knowledge leads me to becoming suicial, I'll probably hold you fully responsible :-P

I'm not really an anonymous person, I DO have a blogger blog, but I was decieved into signing up for the accursed Blogger Beta which won't let you comment on non-beta bloggers.

Robin said...

I got your link from my friend Leah just as James did.

I blog pretty much whatever I want and don't take too much thought as to who is reading it. But I really really like comments. So what does that make me? :)

~Robin <><