Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Yes! We have no bananas.

I will be on vacation for five days or so, and I don't know if I'll get a chance to post or not. I don't think you'll miss me that much since I haven't been posting regularly this past month. As a matter of fact, you likely wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't told you! Sorry about that. Blogging, both reading and writing them, has become a favorite activity for me. But as all of you know, other things in life take priority sometimes.

Two tidbits:
1. This vacation also has a mission. Not only am I going home to visit my mom (and my dad if he's back from MN) but on the way back I have half of a beef to pick up. A quarter is for my brother who lives here, and a quarter is for us. I just love being able to shop in my own freezer. Not only that, but since the farmer/rancher is my husband's brother, we know the meat is going to be good and how it was raised, etc.

2. The Rolling Stones are in Montana. Not that I care; I don't really like the Stones that much. Besides, they are half way across the state - which is very far if you think of how big Montana is. I think tickets are $350 and up, and it's supposed to rain in Missoula, so too bad for them. I hope for the fans' sake it stays dry and they all have a good safe time. Rock on.

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