Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Am I back? Well, I'm trying!

Hello, Friends!
I am sincerely going to give a renewed effort in posting starting today. Why? Because I miss you! I miss being able to chatter away about craft projects and kids and religion and housekeeping and all that. You know, some people just call it life. It is an ADVENTURE!!! And yet, adventure though it may be, I am likely going to spend more time blogging about the mundane since that is where my life is right now. I just somehow feel like I've been in a seriousness slump, and I need a little leavening. A little less worrying about the state of the world and a little more worrying about if I have enough felt to finish the Jesse Tree project I'm working on. A little less worrying about the pregnancy headaches (yes, a literal aching head - nothing serious) and a little more taking of the Tylenol and drinking of the water.

Got the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens today. Every time I contemplate non-renewal because I'm tired of reading profiles of same-sex couples and their home makeovers, they come out with an issue of beautiful photographs and affordable (and do-able) projects, and I have a tough time resisting. This time it is cookie trees, right on the cover. So pretty and easy that I think we might actually make them. The kids and I are doing some fall crafts today, and then it's on to Advent and Christmas projects! Yay! In addition to the cookie trees, I hope to order the cute gingerbread nativity kit I saw in the Leaflet Missal catalog, I think. I couldn't find it on their website.

Mr. Malaprop is gone for a couple of days on business. Speaking of my Mr. M., he said a funny one the other day, "I know that like the back of my head." I don't know if that is original to him, but I thought it was hilarious. I think he said it on purpose just to make me laugh. Wasn't that nice of him?

Oh, and if you want to see Air Force One that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, here it is, and here. That is one big airplane.


Dr. Thursday said...

I like that epigram: "I know that like the back of my head." I may have to use that at work.

RE adventures: I just had a post recently about that - here's the essential GKC quote: "Adventures are to those to whom they are most unexpected - that is, most romantic. Adventures are to the shy: in this sense adventures are to the unadventurous." [GKC, Heretics CW1:74]

But I understand your situation - I've been busy also, and barely keeping up with Thursdays at ACS, and a comment or two elsewhere.

Let us know a little about your Jesse Tree - that's what I did last Advent on my blogg. This year is the SHORT Advent, where the 4th Sunday is also Christmas Eve... Hmm, that leaves just 21 days before... maybe focus on the 21 mysteries of the Rosary?

Nancy C. Brown said...

Welcome back, yeah!
I want to hear about your advent projects, too. I feel like we have done them all, so it is hard for me to think of anything new to do. Some things stick and become tradition, but then I always like to throw some pepper in with the salt and try something new.

I'll be watching for your post. (And the one about meals that you mentioned on my blog)