Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Getting the House Ready

Whew! What a day. I'm supposed to be making bread right now, but I just had to rest my back. I've spent the afternoon outside enjoying the warm weather with the kids and getting some work done at the same time. Leaves. We had drifts of them. Mounding near the front door, swooshing in all corners of the deck, piling up inside the three-sided shelter that hides the trash can, showing off in little eddies of breeze here and there. And I swept them up mercilessly. I don't think the sweeping is what did it , the back I mean- I think it was all the bending to scoop the leaves into the bin. But it was worth it. Another chore to cross off my mental list of things to get done before Thanksgiving. I have a written list, too, but I sometimes the mental list calls just as clearly. This year I really want to have the house "company ready" so we can invite people over whenever we feel like it.

We aren't having any guests for Thanksgiving this year; it will be just us. In a way I will miss the family and friends, but in a way it will be so nice to simply enjoy ourselves by ourselves. We had two invitations to go to relatives' houses but the closest is four hours away and the other is two beyond that, so we said, "Thank you, but no." I could almost hear the sigh of relief from the potential hosts. It isn't just a flick of the wrist to entertain six extra people for a meal if you're not used to those numbers. If you're having twenty already, then six more isn't necessarily so many, but it can be if you also have to baby proof your home and find sleeping quarters for them in addition to many other guests. Anyway, I am happy to have the time to spend with the family, work on getting the house in a peaceful state for Advent, and also contemplate the possibility of joining the masses of frenzied shoppers on Friday. Hee hee. I've done it before and had success with the bargains. I go by myself so I can get in and out of stores quicker, and after a certain time - say 9:00 or so - you know the loss-leader deals are all sold out so you might as well go home. And then you can spend the rest of the day wrapping and napping and snacking. This year there are several bigger ticket items on our wish lists, but we have promised ourselves we're cutting back on the clutter gifts, and we don't want to spend too much this year because we now have a car payment once again because of the purchase of the new Suburban. A new computer is on the list... I need to do some research on that. I'm thinking Mac this time. Anyone want to offer an opinion?

Speaking of Mac, did I mention there is a new McMansion going in across the way? We used to be able to look out our big east windows and across two open lots and down the next street. Now there is a hulking skeleton of a huge Tyvek-ed house in the way. *Sigh* And I forgot to appreciate the unobstructed view when we had it. Now it's too late. Not that I begrudge the new home owners/builders. It's just, you know, another McMansion... But what would you expect in a subdivision with the word Castle in the title?

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