Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Long day out

Whew! What a day for us. We made it to art and music on time. Now, I know that is nothing to brag about, seeing as how it doesn't start until 10:30, but I like to celebrate small accomplishments. On most days something always seems to slow us down. Today the snack bag got packed, the stroller was miraculously saved from being made a pancake by being backed over by the Suburban, the crayons, the diaper bag, all the kids, and I all got into the vehicle, buckled up and on the road with a few minutes to spare. And I even managed to avoid hitting the car of little old ladies that was driving on the wrong side of our residential street as I was pulling out of our driveway. I almost forgot about that part. I was going to turn left out of the drive, so I looked left first and the street looked deserted in that direction, so I was easing out while I was turning my head to look right, and there was this sedan coming from the right, tooling along at least down the center of the street if not on the wrong side of the road. Luckily I wasn't too far out, but really, I don't know if any of them even saw me. How do you miss a giant maroon Suburban? It's at least as big as the green Dodge van we had before it. Anyway, a miss is as good as a mile, right?

After art and music it was time for lunch (12:30). Problem was, there wasn't much food in the house, so the usual going home for lunch wasn't going to cut it. We needed to go to the grocery store. Have you ever shopped for a long list of groceries with four hungry kids? And a hungry mom? It isn't pleasant; I've done it before, so today I knew better. We opted to swing by the house and pick up the library books and head downtown to a little place called the Log Cabin Bakery where you can get a hot or cold sandwich or panini with a cookie for $3. Water is free, drinks and chips extra. Twelve dollars lighter and everyone was happy, and it wasn't fast food. Then we spent an hour and a half at the library and I didn't even have to pay any fines! Miraculous. Most items are checked out for three weeks, but new items are only for two weeks, and I usually have a new item or two mascarading in the bag as a regular item, despite the fact that the new items all sport large yellow stickers on their spines saying "14 Days!" Anyway, today the library only cost me 25 cents, for parking, which is less than usual because the meter on the spot I chose happened to still have 37 minutes on it. Good thing, too, because last time we were at the library the meter on our spot started flashing "out of order" on it after we had fed it 50 cents and then I ended up getting a warning ticket. You get one free warning every six months, so now I have to be extra careful about watching the time when we park.

I swung into the thrift store near to the grocery, just for a 10 minute browse. Disappointing. I saw a few items I was interested in, like some old Corning Ware and a couple of the toys, but the prices seemed a bit steep to me. I should've stopped at the other branch. They're both St. Vincent dePauls and the store closer to the library is bigger and better than the one closer to the grocery, but it is so hard to find parking there I opted for the other one. Then it was on to the grocery store, where I managed to get nearly everything on my list, at least all the essentials (like milk and bananas) and then it was home and unloading books and food, and then the phone rang. It was my dear husband. I was so glad to hear his voice. I always miss him terribly when he's away, even for a few days. Then I had a minute to return a call to a friend who is considering homeschooling, and then it was a request of crackers and cheese for supper from one child, nothing-thank-you-for-me-I'm-not-hungry from another, and a cheese sandwich from the third and fourth, to be shared. Caught the tail end of Jeopardy, started a nice warm fire in the fireplace, and sat down to breathe for a few minutes. Now I am typing when I should be headed for bed, so off I go.

Tomorrow we have our Catholic homeschool group meeting. I don't think I'll be able to get us all to mass, but we should make it for the meeting and craft. I hope our angels are as vigilant at their duty tomorrow as they were today!

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