Thursday, November 16, 2006

More about the Jesse Tree

The felt Jesse Tree I mentioned in a previous post is something I am making from a pattern from a book called Fun with Felt by Michele Mason. It apparently is out of print, because I Googled it and came up with nothing. I bought it used at a Catholic homeschool conference, and it has a handwritten note on the front saying "A Catholic Heritage item!" I assume it was somthing sold by CHC, but I haven't seen it in their catalog. If you want to see a picture of a commercial version, there is one here at Leaflet Missal. Here also is the Nativity Bake Set ( I finally found the link when searching for the Jesse Tree...) Here is another Jesse Tree to make with links to pages of symbols with daily readings that you can print out and color,. I notice that the symbols and readings are different than the ones I have in my version. Ours does one or more days of each of the themes of Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Rachel, Joseph, Moses, Ruth, David, Solomon, John the Baptist, Joseph, Mary, the Star, and Jesus. And here is another kind of kit to buy. I plan that we will use ours as an Advent calendar, and perhaps will add the wise men and shepherds, etc. for the twelve days of Christmas like the additional pieces Leaflet Missal sells.

Felt/flannel boards are great fun for little kids, I think, but sometimes you just cannot get the pieces to stay stuck so in that case I would suggest buying the little self-adhesive hook and loop dots. Sandpaper also works. Or, and I think this is really exciting, did you know you can put Pellon through your ink-jet printer? Pellon is a brand name of interfacing material used in sewing. It comes in various thicknesses and is rather inexpensive, and it sticks wonderfully to felt boards. You can also see through it enough in some cases to trace a design, or you can just cut a shape of it to glue to the back of any paper picture. I am thinking if you have the type of printer where you do not replace the print head with every new ink cartridge, you might not want to do this as it may damage the print head. I've only printed on interfacing once or twice, and never had a problem, but you never know. It is a nonwoven material. I haven't found any color images on the web, but if you want to take the time and you have a clipart program, I'll bet you could find them. I am not sure if marker would bleed if you color on Pellon (likely), but chalk or colored pencils would work and naturally would not run. Or, brain wave here, you could print onto thin magnetic sheets and put the whole thing on the refrigerator. Our fridge is aluminum on the front and magnets don't stick, but that's just too bad for us! Let me know if you make a Jesse Tree or use any of the ideas in another way, and I'll keep you updated on my projects and hopefully take a few photos when I have daylight.

Cheers for now.

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Dr. Thursday said...

Here's a link to my Jesse Tree for 2005 just in case you may wish to see how I did it last year. This year I hope to do something different, tied to the short, 21-day Advent. (Last year was the longest form, this year is the shortest form.)