Saturday, November 04, 2006


Part of the reason I haven't been posting is because I didn't want to talk about the upcoming elections on my blog, but it seems I can't help it, so I'll just try to keep it brief:

South Dakota has a landmark decision on the ballot this time around - a ban on abortion. Please pray for children and mothers everywhere, and the hearts of the people of SD. Contrary to what the bill's opponents would have you believe, there are provisions for saving the life of the mother, and the right to prevent pregnancy after an assault. That should appease the women's libbers, I think, but much better than that are the provisions for medical care, compassion and justice. I don't know exactly what the bill says, I no longer live in SD, but I do know that prayer for the Will of God to be done in this matter is always the right choice. Please pray The Lord's Prayer and ask for the intercession of Gianna Molla. I think she's a good one to ask for help in this case, don't you?

The president was here in MT a few days ago because we have a heated senate race. We didn't see him in person, but I got a picture of Air Force One as it flew near our house. I will post the picture tomorrow if I get the chance. About the race: As far as I can tell, neither candidate is the best man for the job, but one is pro-life and one isn't. That is why I want Conrad Burns to win. That, and the fact that the other guy raises taxes and says he doesn't, and lies about things like when he poses as a hunter in camo, etc, when he hasn't had a license in 15 years in this state, ala John Kerry. The whole race has been like that, and his cheesy smile reminds me too much of Bill Clinton. "Don't you think Washington should look more like Montana?" Sorry, but even though I love this state, I wouldn't answer yes. Where would they farm lentils organically in Washington? (That's his profession, organic lentil farmer.) Or does he mean Washington state? Heehee. Oh, and I think organic farming/gardening is great, BTW, but it doesn't make you a good senator. And I do think that Washington should look less like New York and California.

Enough from me for now. Except for this unrelated tidbit: Tonight I am taking the boys to go and see Beauty Lou and the Country Beast put on by homeschool kids with help from Missoula Children's Theater. We saw The Frog Prince last year, and although my kids have no desire to participate (alas for me, the dramatic one) they do love seeing the show! Our friends with several kids in the show gave us a free family ticket, so off we go...

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