Sunday, November 26, 2006

Story of my life...

I see I completely missed celebrating my 100th post a few posts back.
My DH and I have a habit of forgetting our anniversary.
Huh. Is there really something wrong here or is it ok to have this just be how we are?

Well, here's to this, my 107th post. Whee. ; )


Nancy C. Brown said...

Happy 107th post!

You are not abnormal. I have people who watch my back, otherwise I would miss everything. Recently, someone noticed that the Chesterton web page had turned over 500,000. Then, someone e-mailed me and said what are you doing about Gilbert's birthday? And now, if I didn't have someone else telling me about it, I find out that the Chesterton blog is almost a year old--watch for a fun celebration over there, it's being planned right now.

Maybe I'm unusual, too, but I forget to notice things like this, too. Not that this is a good thing, but just so you know you've got company. ;-)

Ali said...

Happy 107th!

Dr. Thursday said...

107 is a very nice number. It happens to be prime, and I happen to like primes, even though I am not a spy.

Oh, I have to explain. When I was at school (doing my doctorate) we had this saying:

"Spies like big prime numbers."

Sssh. Come close to the CRT and I will tell you why. But it's secret.

You see, big primes are used in certain "security" and cryptography algorithms - that is, tricks to try to protect information. It's just a fancy code, sort of like J. K. Rowling's "Mirror of Erised" but somewhat harder. You see, it gets hard to do factoring (finding out whether a number is prime) the bigger the number is.

So that's why.

In the REAL world, we do use primes for certain tricky techniques in computing. Under the right conditions, they actually help speed things up. But this is technical and boring, so someday I will write a LONG posting on my own blogg to explain it. Strange to say, it has to do with a teenager's room. Oh, you're interested now? Hee hee.

Anyway, Candlestring, happy 107th posting, oh prime wonder!

And if you see any suspicious characters in trench coats and dark glasses, send them down (or up) your street to 127 or even 307.