Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Eve and megapixels

We made one last mad dash to the grocery store this morning before all heck breaks loose. (Have you ever stopped to buy milk or butter or whatever on the evening before Thanksgiving? Sheer madness, especially after 5pm. Absolutely no hope of a quick run in and out, at least where we live. In this case: Just don't do it! ) We fared well, found nearly all items on the list (gotta have a list), and got home in a good humor. Really, I could've skipped the trip altogether if it wasn't for the dishwasher detergent and the t.p. I already had everything I need for the big dinner tomorrow, but Cascade and White Cloud are necessaries in my house... and who wants to shop for such mundane items on a holiday weekend?

The megapixel thing ties with Thanksgiving and "Black Friday" rather well, I think, because of the photo ops of having family around and the purchase ops of the super deals offered at some stores. Here is the link to a Pogue's Posts article about cameras and megapixels. The comments are very interesting. I, too, would like to know if the type of camera and the photo situation makes a difference in the same experiment. Personally, I have found that the printer seems to make a bigger difference than the megapixels for your regular 8x10 or 4x6 prints. Not that I have that much experience. I own a Canon PowerShot A620 which has 7.1 MegaPixels, but I bought it more for the zoom and the flip-out view finder than the megapixels. What kind of camera do you have for your point and shoot kind of shots? Do you like it? I recently bought a tripod, and it improves things greatly as it enables you to take non-blurry photos without a flash in low light. Almost all of my photo subjects are my children, which in addition to the slow download time and the using the computer in the cold lowest level of our home, is part of the reason I don't post photos very often. They're gorgeous kids, but I'm not ready to make them public property. If I make it to ChesterCon next summer I will try to remember lots of pics of home and family to show interested parties.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends, and to those not in America also, since any day is a good day to give thanks. After all, as my man GKC said, "Thanks are the highest form of thought."


Nancy C. Brown said...

You have a good camera, and the tripod is an excellent addition for taking better pics.

And interested parties would LOVE to see said pics at said ChesterCon!!!

The Pogue's post won't load for me. But if you do have any of these kinds of questions (about pixels, etc) write me as I have a resident expert in the house. (not me)


Nancy C. Brown said...

Ok I just asked the expert:
>>I, too, would like to know if the type of camera and the photo situation makes a difference in the same experiment.

he says yes.
However, he says your camera is good for what you are doing, you don't need more megapixels. We use a 6 megapixel and are very happy with it for family photos and etc.

Pros need more megapixels because they are going to go big: 20 X 24 and etc. If you are going to make 8X 10's you have plenty of power in the 7.1

The detailed answer is that Pogue took a large file and down-sampled it to make the smaller pixel pictures. This is NOT the same as using a camera with 5 or 8 megapixels. I don't know exactly why, but that's what the guy says here.

PS I answered as best I could about Fawkes on my blog.

Happy T-Day again!