Sunday, November 26, 2006

Writer's Block, sorta

I feel like I should post something tonight. I want to post something tonight. But I can't think of anything worthwhile to say... hmm...

Ok, here's a tiny something:
Remember when I said how much I liked Mystery Woman (tv show)? And remember how then I took it back after watching a few more episodes? Well, I think it was just Kelly Martin I liked, and not so much the show itself. I also liked the actor who helped her run the bookstore. So I am wondering now if I would like Casino Royale (the new James Bond movie) since I really like Dame Judy Densch and she's in it. Domesticali liked it, for other reasons. On the other hand, I really do like Monk (tv show) and that is more because of the ensemble cast and not any one individual actor. There was a time I liked CSI, just for a few weeks, but it got too heavy for me.

Stay tuned this week for some holiday activities to do at home, with or without kids, on a (limited) budget.

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Ali said...

Judi was good too (although one of the friends I went with complained about the state of her teeth!). My favourite film of hers is Mrs Brown. Have you seen it?

I was also lucky enough to see her about 15 years ago on stage as Cleopatra (in Anthony and...) and she was utterly spellbinding. Bit of a leap from that to 'M'.