Thursday, December 07, 2006

Give 'em a Hand

Happy National Handwashing Awareness Week
Notice: This blogger will be not be posting regularly for a few days at least. See below.

Some of my kids are/were sick. The kids are usually so healthy I almost forget how to run the household when they do come down with something. I think they get it from preschool at Church on Sundays. The youngest has it the worst. Two others had it just slightly. Just coughs and runny noses and a little pink eye/conjunctivitis, if that is what it is. Flowergirl's eyes are goopy but not pink, so we are going to wait it out a few days before going to the Doc. My brother who is a Doc. said that is fine and most parents take their kids in sooner than they need to - use your common sense. Some sicknesses in little kids are very serious, of course, but an earache or a gunky eye here or there can be watched carefully and kept clean or quiet or whatever, and give the kid some Tylenol for comfort, and give them lots of hugs.
AND WASH YOUR HANDS!!! On the rare occasion when someone does get sick, we often manage to keep it to just one or two people and I think washing hands is the reason.

I have always been a proponent of hand washing, but I don't get all freaky about it. When we get home from somewhere (church, library, the store) we wash our hands. And we wash all those other common times like after using the bathroom and before eating, too. Now the CDC has come out again with a study that says washing hands actually saves lives, so DO IT. Often. Now. Go. And then use some nice lotion or even some Crisco on your hands (don't eat the Crisco - it's only good for you from the outside. LOL)

But like I said before, I'm taking care of sick children so obviously we dropped the ball someplace. Or maybe the toddler was just *chewing* on the ball in the church nursery....

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Nancy C. Brown said...

I hope they got healthy for Christmas, and that you are all well again.

Miss your postings....