Saturday, December 30, 2006

I needed that.

Hi, Friends! Thanks for sticking with me over this long hiatus. I didn't really plan to disappear from the blogging world for so long, but with the kids' coughs and the holiday activities and preparations, I just didn't feel I could sit down and write anything worthwhile. There was a lot of very thoughtful and beautiful Advent posting going on out there; I hope you found some of it. Frankly, I knew that compared to some of what I was finding with relative ease, any meager blurb I would be able to eek out wouldn't be worth the time it took to read (or the paper it was written on, haha). So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and keep up the celebrating until at least Jan. 6, right?

Vacation is what I needed, and I don't think I mean that the way most people mean that when they talk about their vacations. Most people say vacation and mean that they needed that time to relax and unwind and breathe. I did have that for a few days, having had Christmas at home, but now we are at my in-laws' house with several of my husband's siblings and their spouses, and it is frankly more work than I have had to do in a long time. Not actual physical work - most of the sisters and the mother are taking care of the cooking and washing and the organizing, etc. No, the work I mean is the interpersonal kind. I mean the being polite when you don't want to be, and trying to smile when you don't think it's funny, and not letting it get to you too much when the aunties paint your little girl's fingernails when she's not even two years old yet. There are relationships that need fixing and personalities that clash and too much food and too much booze and too much playing of pinochle. And the kids are stuck to their Gameboys and I don't blame them. I ask them to turn them off when there's something better to do, but I'm afraid I'd much rather they were living in their little Pokemon worlds than listening to some of the talk around the card table, or even the dinner table. *sigh* So what I mean when I say this vacation is what I needed is this: I am now so ready to go home and so appreciative of our peaceful homeschool environment that I now have no more of the fear or dread of getting back to school and trying to organize the winter and spring work. I hope I can pass on to my kids some of the "peaceful excitement" I have about getting home and back into a comfortable yet productive routine. Not that we aren't having a good time with the extended family, we do love them, but twice a year is about enough for me. Am I too much of an introvert? Overprotective? Pi (as in pious)? Whatever it is, that is how I feel this year, and so this vacation has been just what I needed.

Has your vacation been good for you?

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Nancy C. Brown said...

There is nothing like being away from home to help us appreciate how nice home is. Thanks for the good reminder.

My vacation, too, was filled will coughs and colds. But it was nice and peaceful, too.

This year, for the first time ever (and we've been married 18 years) we had more fun at the in-laws. The reason: they brought games to play, and we played them. Focusing on cards, and drawing clues and acting out sharades made the time together filled with laughter, fun and gaiety of the sort one feels goes right with the holiday. At my parent's home, everyone there is an introvert--except me-- its very solemn, quiet and etc. My sisters and I did have one good thing happen, though. My mom brought out a photo album from when we were little (back in the Partridge Family days) and the four of us sisters reminisced about life growing up and what we could remember about our Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles and old neighbors. That was really good. I discovered why I can never add pepper to anything without thinking of my Grandmother (she cooked heavy on the pepper) and that despite my memory of her being a very large woman, she really was just tall and quite thin.

So, it was a good break, and now we're ready to resume school tomorrow.

Glad you are back from your break.