Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Days go by...

It doesn't feel like four days since my last post. Why is that? Time really flies lately, and though I want to plan and make and do, what actually happens is I am lucky if I can even sit for five minutes during the day before I either have to take care of a child or I fall asleep.

I woke up at 1:30 AM thinking about all of the things I didn't get done on time/ have yet to do/ have little or no control over but worry about anyway. I think it is a pregnancy thing. I am usually a sound sleeper, except for that half-an-ear I keep open for crying or wandering children. I know I dream, but I hardly ever remember them. But when I'm expecting I have the craziest dreams and they wake me up and I get all stressed and worried and then I either toss and turn and try to say some prayers and try not to wake Mr. Malaprop, or I just have to get up. But if I get up, then I'm left to find something quiet to do in a cold, dark house and that isn't easy either. I'd greet the milkman if we had one (we could have one, actually, but we don't). Most mornings I just hear the paper being delivered around 4:30. Kaplunk! Eventually I get tired enough to go back to bed/sleep, and by then Mr. Malaprop is getting up and building a fire and pouring cereal and showering, etc.

I'm not whining, really I'm not. I'm just... rambling. I wonder if it would help if I tried sleeping in the guest room. Only problem there is that the sun doesn't shine in that window in the morning so it is easier to stay in bed too long. And it would be lonely. But it is a good mattress.

Speaking of the cold and dark (was I?) I bought a rice bag microwave heating pad at a craft show last year and have since made a few myself. Mine are about 8"x12" with about 2 cups of rice. Two minutes gets them really hot in my micro. They are especially nice when you just need something warm to hold and don't really want a cup of tea. And you can't put a cup of tea on your feet, either. It's a bit like having a cat on your lap, but it doesn't shed, or a small child, but it doesn't wiggle. Of course, it doesn't purr or give hugs either, but you can't have it all. If you do not sew, you can just put some rice in a tube sock and tie a knot or put a rubber band around the end. This is not pretty, but works very well and is quick.

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