Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Crafty Crayon Love

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Domesticali tried this craft and didn't have much luck. I tried to leave a comment on her blog, but ever since I switched to the "new" (no longer beta - ahem, right...) blogger, I have had a tough time getting my computer to cooperate in leaving comments. I did figure out that now I have to use my email address as my login name, instead of plain ol' Candlestring. Whatever...

Anyway, I am going to try to do another craft, similar because of the melted crayons, but different because of using regular paper and a hot plate instead of waxed paper and an iron. I never seem to have any luck with waxed paper. I'm pretty sure it is waxed only on one side, and I can never figure out which side that is! Hopeless, I know... but I think it is important to get the two waxed sides facing with the crayon inbetween. And Ali, waxed is not the same as freezer paper, and I have no idea what greaseproof paper is (sounds like parchment paper?).

The other craft we have had success with (messy though) is using a hotplate (an electric warmer like this, not for cooking, mine was about $2 at a thrift shop) to melt crayons on and then just placing regular paper over the melted wax to soak it up. It gives a nice marbled effect, but the wax will peel off if it is too heavy. This is something I remember doing as a kid and I think I was following directions from a Sunset book called Children's Crafts. I still have that book, so I'll take a look there and report back.
Stay tuned for pictures.

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Ali said...

Hope yours goes better than mine! Sorry you're having probs with commenting. Just another blogger glitch....