Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cross words?

Crossword puzzles
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There are two crossword puzzles in our daily paper - the NEA puzzle on the comics page, and the Los Angeles Times puzzle next to the SuDoKu in the classified section. The one on the funnies page I can do in pen (I've never timed myself, but it doesn't take too long) but I've never had much luck with the other. I tell myself it's just because I'm not used to that puzzle maker's style of clues, but I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that the NEA puzzle is dumbed down. Does that say something about the NEA, or about me?

Perhaps you've noticed the extra scribbles on the pages? Those are courtesy of Flowergirl. She can't stand Mommy using a pen if she doesn't get a turn... sometimes she will wait until I finish, but it sure does make it more challenging if she scribbles on it before I get a chance to read the clues! (She really is so smart - and not even two yet! Here comes trouble...)

I used to do the SuDoKu, but then I made the mistake of getting Mr. Malaprop hooked on it and since he rises before I do he gets to it first, so I changed to doing the crossword instead. It's a small thing to me, and he'd never want to do crosswords anyway...
I guess he'd share one of his SuDoKu books with me if I really felt the need, but to me it is different doing just one puzzle daily and having to wait a day for the answers vs. doing puzzles out of books. This way I can't cheat :)

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Brad Shorr said...

Once you get used to the clue style of a particular crossword, it gets much easier. If you really want to fry your brain, try the Saturday New York Times crossword.