Friday, March 23, 2007

Blogger hates me...

...or at least my computer. I haven't been neglecting my blog entirely. At least, not on purpose. I've tried to post a few times off and on over the weeks, but it's freezeville every time. Either the page won't load to even allow me to login, or I type in my login name and then that page won't load, or I make it to the posting page and type a few sentences and Blogger eats them. Thus far this post is looking likely to succeed, so I'm crossing my fingers and I'm just posting these few lines to let the blogosphere know I'm still here.

Hopefully this will work tonight and again tomorrow. I have a few posts planned: a bit of news about my pregnancy, and about the new sandbox Mr. Malaprop and sons put together in the backyard. Also have apple blossoms coming out on a few branches I'm "forcing", and some other seed and gardening projects to share.

Thanks for keeping me on your bloglines even though it has been so long.


Nancy C. Brown said...

Looking forward to reading the news and see the pictures. Sorry to hear about the computer problems, that seems to be part of computers, as far as I can tell.
Did you convert ot blogger beta?

Ali said...

It has been hating me too, but switching from IE to Firefox has sorted the problem (for now at least...)