Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nesting and such...

* I had to change Dr. Banjo's name to Dr. Mandolin after my last appointment with him. Turns out the PR guy for a newspaper ad made a mistake. He plays mandolin, fiddle and bass in a band. The band only plays for benefits and doesn't take a fee - isn't that nice? I've never heard them, but I know Dr. Mandolin has a thing for bluegrass.

Ok. Blogger let me in on the first try today so perhaps the great freeze-out is over. Is Blogger taking a cue from the spring weather? I am not betting on it, but I am going to try to post a wee bit today. (We have had temps in the 70s for a couple of days, and mostly 60s before that. Love it! It will cool down and rain in the next few days, but I love that too. Not to mention we need the moisture.) Yes, most of my posting problems arrived after I switched to Blogger beta. Blogger made me do it; it refused to let me log on unless I switched. AND it assured me it was no longer in beta, but bona fide. WHATEVER. I hope to be able to move this blog in the near-ish future, but I am planning on having a baby and buying a new computer before I do all that.

Speaking of having a baby... babe and I are in the homestretch now. Due date is May 3 - about 5 weeks. Whew. Where has the time gone? And what if this is our last one? In a way I think that would be fine. After all, five kids makes a very full household in today's world, especially if Daddy just turned 46. But the months have passed so quickly (in retrospect) that I feel like I haven't had time to appreciate the "last time" feelings of carrying a child. I love being pregnant. Even with the getting fat and the bad dreams and the troubles sleeping... Number three was the best. I attribute it to the fact that someone at a homeschool conference said to me, "You are the most beautiful pregnant woman I've seen." when I was carrying number three. And since I am extremely vain, I have never forgotten it. Though I really, really do not feel beautiful lately. I blame it on my wardrobe. Did I mention I am vain? And my haircut. Blah.

The news about the baby is that the delivery might not go as planned. My last baby, Flowergirl, was born by emergency C-section because she was breech and noone caught it until it was time to start pushing. "Ok, push." "Uh, wait! I think that's a butt." "That is not the baby's head." "Get the ultrasound in here!" Rather frightening for a gal who'd never had surgery. That was two years ago (gasp! Flowergirl is turning two! What about baby pictures? sigh.). With this baby my Dr. said I was an excellent candidate for a VBAC because I had had three children the regular way so I knew what was going on, etc. But at my last checkup I happened to be put in an examination room where the ultrasound machine had been left, so Dr. Mandolin (he plays the mandolin and fiddle in a band) said, "I'm tired of you giving me that eye, Candlestring. So let's just take a look and make sure this baby is head down." He's always giving me a hard time, and me him. Our personalities (read: kindly meant sarcasm and ribbing) mesh nicely. I don't let him forget that he was wrong about Flowergirl, and I told him, "My husband calls that 'the peanut butter eye'. As in the look you get when you are concentrating on getting peanut butter unstuck from the roof of your mouth. My kids give the peanut butter eye to their daddy all the time - mostly when they know he's trying to pull a fast one over on them. " Sooooo, onto the belly goes the ultrasound wand and sure enough, "Ohh. Yuup. That round thing - that's a head." Near the top that is, not the bottom where it should be by now. Good news is the lungs were making breathing motions like they are supposed to be. Bad news is, if this baby doesn't turn on his/her own I will have to have another section. I am not really worried about that but it is a new idea to get used to. Not what I was gearing up for.

Now, to top it off I will have to pick a date for a birthday. I think the original due date of May 3 will be fine, but I don't know if Dr. Mandolin will let me wait that long. Problem is, we will have a house full of company over the weekend of the 28th because that is First Eucharist/Confirmation. Makes me tired just thinking about it. Luckily we have some good friends from church who will watch the kids, fix meals, do housework, and all that - all I have to do is ask. Wow, what a blessing to have that safety net of support. I've never had to call in favors like that, but I know how good it makes me feel if I can do something for someone, so who am I to deny others that opportunity to show their faith through good works?

One last worry to share: a baby name. Since Mr. Malaprop and I both come from huge families it seems as though all the good names are taken. Unless I plan to name the baby something like Kalilianne or Carabiner, which I don't, I am seriously stuck for names. Gotta look through the family tree, I guess. And to make it more difficult, I really would like a name that could be shortened to a nickname of four letters, one syllable, since that is (by coincidence) how my other kids' names are. You know - like Nicholas to Nick. Only I can't use that one. Is there a patron saint for choosing baby names?

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Ali said...

Sheesh, not long for you now then. When Johnny was the wrong way round entering into the home stretch, I was advised to spend a lot of time on my hands and knees - my floors have never been so clean. Oh, and he did turn (and boy did I feel it!).

And good luck with the name thing. Mine are mark and John, which fit the 4 letter criteria, but are not too high on the originality stakes I have to admit!