Friday, March 02, 2007


A few links for y'all.

If you're looking for vegetarian recipes for Lent, check out Maureen Wittmann's blog.

If you need a laugh, check out Vic Miller on our local news. He is a mixture of Andy Rooney and Garrison Keillor, without the bitterness those men sometimes show. He is on TV most Thursday nights, so check him out online Friday mornings. This week's commentary is about the Oscars.

If you'd like to see an amazing escape, check out this crane falling off a local overpass during construction. The operator actually walked away from this accident.

All is well with the new baby as far as I can tell, with food cravings, interruped sleep, and general scatterbrainedness all being par for the course. Due date is May 3. My latest obeservation is this: It sure would be nice if I was one of those women who only grew out in front because of carrying the baby. Alas, I do not just get round in my belly, but in my behind, my legs, my arms, even my fingers. It isn't edema, I just get fat! Ah, well, at least I do lose it again eventually, mostly because I nurse my babies. But I do miss wearing my wedding ring, and my Black Hills Gold ring that belongs on my right hand since I got it from my parents at age 21.
Small price to pay for a healthy baby!

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