Sunday, April 01, 2007

Backroads of Montana

Montana has some excellent local programming on PBS. One of the weekly shows is called Backroads of Montana. The episode that aired today was about a wheelwright, a man who builds indoor aviaries, Snake Butte, Montana's first airmail, and a one-lane train/car bridge. I especially liked the part about the aviary business, and it reminded me of the library in Rapid City, SD where we used to live. When they remodeled that library, they put a large aviary in the center of the children's section. It was one of my kids' favorite things there. They would find the rolling benches in the stacks and push them up to the aviary windows and watch the birds for long periods of time. On the main floor that library also put in a large fishtank stocked with a few wild fish, like trout. Very cool. Our library here only has a Duplo table. Not very exciting, though popular enough with tots. I do have membership in the Friends of the Library; maybe I should suggest the birds or fish to them? Their latest gift was a small couch that looks like it is made of giant upholstered books. Again, useful but not exciting. We sat on it once. Woohoo. ;)

Ali~ I love the names Mark and John, but unfortunately between my husband's and my families there are already two Marks and three Johns. Too bad for us! Have tried the hands and knees thing but baby still hasn't turned. Not sure there is enough room in there anymore. But thanks for the incentive to clean my floors - they need it...
And for the life of me I don't know why you still bother with my blog. Lately I have been so flaky about posting. I appreciate your readership, though! (Is that a real word? Readership?) (Anyway, that goes for all of you readers. Thanks so much. It's more fun to journal when you can actually think you are sharing with someone. I never was good at keeping a diary just for myself.) Now, if Blogger would just start behaving better for me.

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Ali said...

I 'bother' because you make me smile.

We have fish in our library, but they don't look very happy to be there.