Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pg Scatterbrain

Still no names chosen for our newest family member. Also have to choose and ask two someones to be godparents. Also have to clean the house, make beds, etc. for large influx of relatives coming for April 28 Confirmations and First Communion. Planned some menus yesterday and shopped at Costco (ugh) but still have other items to buy at Albertsons. Mr. Malaprop is out of town tonight so no help there. Soccer practice cancelled due to rain; thank God for small favors. Flowergirl needs a new diaper. Flowergirl needs to be potty trained...
I can't really tell if I am nesting or just getting ready for company. It's like planning to host Christmas.
I've got photos to post but no time. Still on dial-up and photos take forever. Which reminds me, I need to make a phone call. One of my brothers has gone MIA from his email (bouncing) and I think I'd better check up on him. He is Flowergirl's godfather, and she turned 2 on April 7 and I want to send him pictures. As a gift he sent her a babydoll for the bathtub. Her godmother sent for her, among other things, the first of the child-sized Peter Rabbit books. I hope it is a trend because I'd really like her to have that set. Little ones love those little books, but they are expensive.
Also have decided to buy a MacBook. Have not decided which one, and then I have to decide where to get it. Did find out I get a discount for being a home educator. *smile* Every little bit helps. The savings will buy a few packages of diapers.
And that stuff I wrote about not cooking out of boxes, cooking real food, and all that? Nevermind. Though Annie's mac and cheese is better than some choices. Spaghettios, anyone? Got those, too. Any port in a storm, so to speak.


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Miles said...

I got the lowest end MacBook. I also added some RAM to it. The only thing I regret is the small hard drive, but that's because I do so much video work.

I think your quest for a name was answered in that second to last paragraph. Lots of names have dual capitalization, I just can't think of any.