Monday, May 21, 2007

Sleep? Time? It's all a blur...

I found myself daydreaming about blogging today. Weird. I kept coming up with ideas and I would say to myself, "Self, that would be a good topic for a blog post. Remember it for later." Naturally, I can't remember any of them. Whatever.

The baby is well, as are the rest of us. Miles, I am going to pick on you a bit. Regarding your previous comment, are you telling me after you turned 18 your parents were out of your life? Um, NOT. I guess you were referring to conventional ideals. Well "break the conventions and keep the commandments" (scroll to the bottom of linked page). And because Elle's a girl, we might be paying for a wedding somewhere down the road, too, hopefully after she's 18. Or at least part of a wedding. Is that hitting too close to home for you? Oh, and I hope you read this, because as long as I'm sticking this personal aside into the middle of this post, here's about your comment on names with more than one capital letter: I hope you were joking, but in case you don't know it, Flowergirl's actual name is two words with a space in between and two capital letters. And no, it's not Trout Fishing. Your grandma leaves the space out when she writes her "News from Lake Woebegone" letters, but I went to the original owner of the name and she said it is supposed to have a space though she doesn't quibble about it. Now you know ;)

On to other things.

Ever since we came back to MT we've been talking about buying a new king-sized bed. Our house came with a king bed in the master but unfortunately it only took a few months to find out that it is rock hard. We've gone through a couple of extra-thick fiberfill mattress pads but it never was enough. We just kept suffering through, with "buy new mattress" on our to-do list. Somehow "have new baby" got bumped to top priority on the list. But it got so bad for me during the latter part of my pregnancy that I had to move into the guest room if I was going to get any sleep or be able to walk next day. Naturally that did not work when we actually had guests. The kicker was that there was a perfectly wonderful mattress going unused in my eldest son's room. Only problem - it was a queen and not a king. Any of you ever had a queen bed and then tried to sleep in a double? We have, and now that we're used to a king size we're afraid the queen just won't work. Especially with our three youngest piling into our bed first thing in the mornings. But I guess something finally snapped for Mr. Malaprop tonight - so at 8:30 pm or so (nearly bed time for the littles) he decides it's time to move some furniture. I told him that was fine with me but that he'd have to do it without my help. I mean, after a Csection you're hardly allowed to pick up the baby much less move beds. It has been three weeks, but that isn't a long enough recovery to qualify me for furniture moving. So Mr. M and the boys took care of the whole thing while I hid out with the baby in the basement tv room. Fortunately, Flowergirl didn't have a nap today and so went to bed earlier.

Anyway, after much thumping and banging about, vrooming of the vacuum and whirring of the drill/screwdriver, the king bed is now in the garage and the nice queen bed is in its place, sans frame. ( The frame needs repairs after being abused by the boys. ) I hope that Mr. M and I don't elbow each other in the head too many times, and that the nice comfy mattress will allow my two-hour naps between nursings to be deeply restful. At least without the frame it will be a short fall if I roll out of bed. I hope I don't bump my head, because it's actually raining and pouring - though the old man isn't snoring (yet). Wish me luck!

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m!les said...

Wow. I'm, like, half this post!

As soon as I turned 18, my parents disappeared. I basically only see them at the reunions. I call, I leave messages, nothing. I don't even want money, I just want love!

Also I got confused about the Flowergirl / Grandma comments. Maybe you can explain in an e-mail? In actuality, I know a lot of double capitalized names, but I was really trying to push the MacBook name. Alas, I failed.

I hope the bed is more comfortable! I'm sure you can use all the sleep you can get!