Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sleep when the baby sleeps.

Who are they kidding? Do people who hand out advice like this even have kids? Or maybe they think people only have one child, or everyone with kids has an au pair, or your other kids are angelically quiet and never get into trouble, or perhaps that you have nothing else to do - no laundry, no baking, no need for relaxation by another outlet such as creating art or sewing or photograpy or even surfing the web...

Break the conventions! I should sleep when the baby sleeps; I know it. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I sleep when the baby is awake. But to me to say sleep when the baby sleeps is a bit like James 2:15-17, the bible verses of telling someone who has no coat and no food to stay warm and eat well. It doesn't exactly apply here I know - it just put me in mind of those verses, and I'm not ranting although it may sound like it. I'm just tired - haha. Could you tell?

BUT I LOVE BABIES and I wouldn't trade these sleepless nights and days. I can sleep when I'm old(er).

Tonight instead of sleeping I made a rhubarb cake. It's still too hot to eat or I'd tell you how it is. If it's good I'll let you know later, and I'll post a link to the recipe. I hope it's good because it smells great, and besides that it's my birthday cake. Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes, btw. It's nice to know people are thinking good thoughts for you.

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m!les said...

At first I was worried that I had commented that phrase at some point, having never had children and not having any advice I could possibly offer. But I was relieved to find my only sleep-related comment was hoping that you get and enjoy some. *phew*