Tuesday, May 22, 2007

To m!les

Miles, you are this whole post. How 'bout them apples? Maybe instead of reading my lame blog you should try harder to connect with your parents. I can totally see that they are so hands-off and distant. Maybe it's because of your name. And I'm sure they lost touch with you because they just don't have any opinions to offer about how you live your life. They probably don't even know where you live or what you do for a job. Poor, poor Miles. Maybe if you convert to Buddism it would get their attention. Also, throw away your guitar. Good luck.
Email will be forthcoming to clarify the name thing. Not sure I know what I was talking about either. Sorry I missed the connection with MacBook. I used to be so sharp and witty (I wish). "I'm gelling!" (I am so not gellin'.)

1 comment:

m!les said...

I'm positive a religion change would get their attention and probably their wrath. I'm like a Non-Newtonian fluid, I'm so gellin'.