Saturday, June 09, 2007

Camera card woes

I have a couple dozen photos to post and what happens? My new memory card for my camera won't cooperate. Usually I load my pics by sticking my camera card into the port on my printer and then using the printer's software to transfer the photos. Works like a charm usually, except for being slower than a blue hair driving on Sunday. So I put in my new SD card - 2G instead of the 512 Mb I was using and ...? Won't read. Phoo. Works fine in the camera but won't talk to the printer. Why? Is it the size? Didn't I format it correctly? I tried yelling at the printer but that didn't help.

Today is the Strawberry Festival. Not sure if I'll go, not sure if I'll take the kids if I do go. If I go I'll probably take pictures. Not sure if I'll be able to show them to you. Phoo.

This post sounds cranky, but y'know? I'm really having a great day! It is sunny and warm and green, and the baby is sleeping better at night, and I might go to a few yard sales later. If I buy anything cool (like the huge score of crayons I got at a rummage yesterday) I'll take photos. Not that I'll be sharing them with you... just saying.

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m!les said...

Still, it's good to know that you're being photographically creative even if we can see no proof of it.